2020 Sprout card signup

Pre-pay for 20 weeks of market produce!

  • What is Sprout? After a successful first year, we will be offering our Sprout program, which allows you to pre-pay for 20-weeks of market produce.
  • How does it work? We’ll make you a pre-paid punchcard to redeem each week at the market. We’ll bring it with us to the markets, and you’ll no longer have to dig out loose change in your wallet!
  • Why did we create this program? As farmers, most of our expenses come in the spring (seeds, soil, etc.), but our sales don’t happen until the summer. By pre-paying for the season, you’re helping your farmers get a jump start on the season when their budgets need it the most.
  • How much does it cost? The program membership costs $300 (that’s $15/week on average over 20 week) + a bonus $25 to spend!
  • Where can I redeem these vouchers? At Capitol Hill and U District markets (not at our farm stand).
  • Other questions? This is a new program we started this year, so feel free to email us with any questions at steelwheelfarm@gmail.com.

2020 Sprout Program Sign up