Chicken Blog

At Steel Wheel Farm we strive to be sustainable.  One of the ways we achieve this is by using our flock of chickens to help us farm. By rotating the flock around the fields, the chickens help to control insect populations, break down retired crops and fertilize the soil.  This relationship is a beneficially mutual one. We give these chickens a sunny, green home to roam in. In return, we  get fertilizer high in nitrogen and phosphorus (and the best part is, the chickens spread it across the fields for us!).  In the Winter we move the chickens into the barn where they are more protected from the harsh environments.  In the barn coop we provide fresh bedding and collect the manure all winter for composting in the spring.  This helps us by not having to bring in as much off farm inputs to fertilize our fields.

The chickens dine on a variety of vegetation and insects (cut worms!). This diet, which creates delicious eggs rich in protein and beta-carotene, also helps us to lower feed costs and gives the chickens a chance to enjoy a more natural and diverse diet.  We supplement the chickens diet by feeding GMO free naturally and locally grown grains from Patriot Feed & Bison.  For more info on their family operation click the link.

Take a moment to scroll through our “chicken bios” below to get a sense for what breeds of chickens live on our farm.

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