Steel Wheel Farm Gift Cards

Buy them as a gift or use them at the markets!

  • What can they be used for? Our gift cards make great gifts and can be used anywhere Steel Wheel Farm produce is sold (check out our current list of markets).
  • How much can I purchase them for? We sell gift cards in increments of $50 ($50, $100, $150, $200, $250 or $300, etc.)
  • Why do we offer gift cards? As farmers, most of our expenses come in the spring (seeds, soil, etc.), but our sales don’t happen until the summer. By pre-paying for the season with a gift card, you’re helping your farmers get a jump start on the season when their budgets need it the most.
  • Are you offering any promotions with the gift cards? Yes! If you purchase a $300 gift card (that’s the equivalent of a CSA membership), we’ll add on a bonus $25 to spend! If you spend $150, we’ll add on $10.
  • Other questions? Feel free to email us with any questions at

Purchase a Steel Wheel Farm gift card